Monday, 26 October 2009

The Story about a Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a brown rabbit that had long hair and long ears and a short tail, and it hopped around the corner. It also hopped around the corner when there wasnt a corner to hop around. Actually it wasnt brown, but rose, and its hair was actually short, and its tail was curly. And actually it didnt hop at all but grunted and dug in the mud. Then it looked muddy and no longer rosy, rather dark grey red. And it had small piglets, they suckled on the rabbit. However, actually it wasnt grey red, rahter grey white, and it had many feathers and a pair of beautiful wings, but it couldnt fly. On its legs it had flippers and swam proudly on the pond in the park, and people, who walked by, threw it bread crumbs. That is, actually it swam under water, had golden scales and a tail with two points. That is, actually it didnt have much of a tail, rather it had two ears and was very fat and preferred to spend a good deal of time in the Nile River. Its mouth had a magnificent row of teeth. That is, actually it was driven by steam, had a propellor behind it and two anchors in front. In the middle there was a chimney, and on the bridge there was a captain who belonged to a Hamburg shipping line. That is, actually he was very small, like to jump as far as he could and sought protection underneathe the clothes of women, and the women scratched themselves.

So this was the rabbit, and this was the story about the rabbit. That is, actually it wasnt a story at all, but a transformation that made the rabbit grow up.

Well then, it was a story, and it was indeed about a rabbit.

Well, that was the story we were asked to look at, and our brief was to basically do what we want to illustrate all or part of the story in order to contribute to a book of illustrations based on this particular story.

HOPEFULLY, it is pretty obvious that I chose to concentrate on the line "[the rabbit] sought protection underneathe the clothes of women". Basically I wanted to create an odd mix of black and white line drawing, paint, photography and photoshop in order to create a slightly bizarre (not sure if thats the right word here?) interpretation of the transformation sequence in which the rabbit takes to womens clothing.

We'll just have to see what the tutors say about it...

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